Whether you're a man shopping for your girlfriend or vice versa, we've come up with a list of gift ideas for your signicant other.

Gifts She Wants (A Woman’s Perspective)

Something You Made
Making her something like a scrapbook filled with the memories you’ve shared let’s her know that you value your relationship. Make her something that embraces your talents. If scrap booking isn’t your forte, do something else you’re good at. If you’re musical, write her a song. If you’re a good cook, make her the best meal she’s ever had. In the end, she’ll love it because you made it personally for her.

Hey - girls like gadgets too! Get her fancy headphones, speakers or a cute digital camera this holiday season. Take notice of any technological things that are missing in her life and fill the gap with your present. A fashionable phone or laptop case also serves as safe gift options.

Jewelry sounds like a gift for only “serious” relationships, but there are plenty of jewelry items that are suitable for new relationships as well. When it comes to jewelry, ask her friends for advice. And, if you want to get her an item that is truly special, get something engraved to add a personal touch.

Something That Inspires Her
Does she always talk about how she would love to play an instrument? Or take up painting? Get her exactly what she needs to get the ball rolling on reaching her goals. Buy her an acoustic guitar or some paint and a canvas. She will love that you paid attention to her goals.

Gifts He Wants (A Man’s Perspective)

It’s safe to assume that 90 percent of guys love anything regarding sports. With this in mind, you could very easily give him several items ranging from tickets to a game (Lakers, Dodgers, etc.) to a signed hat, T-shirt or jersey from his favorite athlete. Be aware that this could be costly, but he will love you for it.

Work Clothes
Men like to look good at work or at their internship. Treat him to a nice blue, black or gray suit. If that’s too expensive for you, two to three ties could do the trick on top of a couple of dressy shirts – but they must be in different colors. Get creative. Other options include shoes, belts or socks to go along with the suits he already has. Aside from a professional environment, a semi-lengthy coat and scarves would fit any occasion.

Vehicle Needs
Regardless of what he says, he will always love and protect his automobile. Why not grant him an experience to remember by pimping his car? A new set of sexy tires could work, modest rims or tinting the car windows. Other options include grabbing him seat covers, a stereo system or speakers.

Technology is rapidly changing and substantially growing at a speedy rate. Thusly, this area could be the easiest to focus on while determining to purchase a gift for him. Heard of Apple? Well, they carry an attractive buy in the iPhone, iPad, iPod and other marvelous selections. If those prove too costly for your pockets, there are less expensive tablets, gadgets and accessories.