On Tuesday, May 7, you can get your hands on a special boxed set of three of director Henry Jaglom's classic comedies. Henry Jaglom Collection vol. 2: Three Comedies will feature three of Jaglom's films from the '80s that are representative of him at his finest: Sitting Ducks (1980), Can She Bake a Cherry Pie (1983) and New Year's Day (1989).

Sitting Ducks stars Michael Emil, Irene Forrest, Zach Norman, Richard Romanus and Patrice Townsend. In this film, two thieves come together to make their childhood dreams come true. They steal a bunch of cash from a mob, hop into a getaway limo and take off for Miami, hoping to take a safe flight to Latin America. However, they pick up two female passengers along the way, and the real hilarity begins. Will the two make a safe getaway?

Emil stars in the second DVD of this boxed set as well. Can She Bake a Cherry Pie? (no, it has nothing to do with cooking) is the story of an odd romance between Eli (Emil) and Zee (Karen Black). Zee is walking up and down the Manhattan streets when she meets Emil at a sidewalk cafe. After that meeting, the two lost souls develop a very unlikely relationship and learn more about each other. Find out if their romance is built to last.

In New Year's Day, the Jaglom himself takes the lead role as Drew. Drew is a recently divorced man from California who moves to New York on New Year's Eve. However, he finds out that his New York apartment is still occupied by the previous tenants - three young women (Maggie Wheeler, Gwen Welles and Melanie Winter). What's a man to do?

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