What girl likes spending hours at the nail salon for just a quick touch-up or a set of new nails every month? My guess: not very many.

The sad truth is getting our nails done can be quite pricey, and as college students on a budget, we hardly have the money (or time) to indulge in this kind of pampering.

However, there is a new product out there that gives you beautiful nail art and lets you represent your school: the University Nail Pax. This self-adhesive nail art is extremely easy to apply, and the box itself is small enough to carry in your purse yet big enough to fit 32 individual nail foils and one nail file.

The application process takes approximately 8-10 minutes. There are enough foils for about two or three applications, and once you apply the foils, expect them to last for about two weeks.They're perfect to wear to any sports game or just to show off your school pride.

University Nail Pax is a collegiate licensed product and has more than 34 university designs; however, not many SoCal or Los Angeles-based schools are represented just yet (currently, the only California schools available are UCSB, CSU Long Beach and CSU Fullerton).

One disadvantage with this product is that the adhesives are white with the college logo or letterhead stamped on top. Let's face it, some people can pull off white nails; others can't. It would be better if there was an option where the adhesive was clear, so that you can just paint your nails any color you want underneath with the image representing your school on top. Or, perhaps the company should consider making the adhesives the schools' colors (red, blue, gold, etc.) instead of white?

Nevertheless, don't spend countless hours at the nail salon every month. I suggest you spend time making college memories with your friends by trying out University Nail Pax.

For more information on University Nail Pax, click here.