I remember sitting in my Political Science 101 class and discussing the war on drugs. We all were instructed to come up with ideas on how the incessant battle could be mediated. To the surprise of most of the undergrads, the professor applauded the most appalling scenario. A scenario that came from the token stoner that is obligatory in every college classroom—“Legalize all drugs,” he said with a matter-of-fact chuckle.

Well, this Dorito-fiending Spicoli may not have been too far off after all.

Recently, the former Democratic Representative of Massachusetts, Barney Frank, advocated the legalization of heroin. Having campaigned for the decriminalization of pot since the ‘70s, Frank has now graduated from the gateway drug to heroin.

The support of this argument is manifold—with less taxpayer money spent on fighting heroin, public works would flourish. Without the illegal classification, heroin would lose its rebellious allure and acceptance would lead to indifference. The dissent is obvious—heroin is a heavy drug, and that is bad…drugs are bad.

Anyway, if any schedule 1 drug will be legal anytime soon, it will most likely be pot, not heroin. Congress is reluctant to legalize all drugs because it may just spark the apocalypse. Or it may eliminate crime, make the economy flourish, and cure deadly addiction. But, who knows…right?

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