We’re already screwed aren’t we? All that carbon dioxide smog, sputtering out of our exhaust pipes daily and tearing apart our ozone layer—we’ve dug a gargantuan hole and escape appears impossible. I mean, Australia already has a hole over their heads!

The damage seems irreparable. Just like the start of any superhero movie, society appears doomed.

An eccentric mad scientist is just the fantastical hero we need for this cartoonish catastrophe, and Peter Eisenberger might just be a real-life Captain Planet.

With his new endeavor, Global Thermostat, Eisenberger is working on a method of capturing the existing carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere and re-purposing them as clean energy. A win win situation! But don’t fall to your knees with joyous victory just yet. Critics of Eisenberger are claiming flaws.

The process is speculated to be immensely expensive. And just like a Prius, the emissions used to complete the process may just exceed the rewards. That’s not stopping Eisenberger though. He is determined to see this prospect through. After all, those who never try, never succeed. (Insert triumphant superhero slogan here).

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