In the midst of political upheaval and turmoil in Egypt, one American victim has become an inspiration to live life to the fullest and focus on what is truly important via a letter he left behind. Andrew Driscoll Pochter was an American college student teaching English to children in Alexandria, Egypt, when he was stabbed and killed while attending a protest.

His family has now been presented with a letter that he wrote shortly before his untimely death to a boy named Justin that Pochter mentored as part of participation in Camp Opportunity, a program for at-risk children in Baltimore. He lovingly writes about how strong Justin was and how much he admired him. In the letter, Pochter stresses the importance of having good friends and doing goods deeds for everyone, even strangers.

He states, "Surround yourself with good friends who care about your future. Fall in love with someone. Get your heart broken. And then move on and fall in love again. Breathe life every day like it is your first. Find something that you love to do and never stop doing that unless you find something else you love more."

His words are inspirational and serve as a much-needed reminder to all in such a fast-paced and tragedy-plagued world.

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