Stand out during sorority recruitment with these fashion tips!

-Be professional, but stand out. When dressing for rush, try to think of it as a business interview without all the formalities and stuffiness. Yes, you should probably be in a dress, skirt or nice pants but in no way should you look boring. When a chapter is seeing hundreds of girls a day, your all-black ensemble will look like everyone else’s. Personal style and pops of color will be your best friends!

-Don’t waste your money. Wear something you have worn before. Many girls are tempted to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for rush, but the truth is outfits you have pieced together before will be ones you’re most comfortable in. Your focus during the day should not be on pulling down your new skirt but on what the girls are saying and the connections being made.

-Modesty! Sorority recruitment is about impressing girls NOT boys. This means no cleavage, butt cheeks or excessive skin. These girls will appreciate the fact that you have on something fun, unique and fashion-forward way more than they’ll be intrigued by your lacy bra peeking out.

-Wear heels with caution. For the first few days, cute flats are an absolute must. You may be walking to several houses in the matter of hours, and those spiky heels you wore to the club last week won’t cut it. If you insist on heels, wedge heels are always a safer bet.

-Do your hair and makeup. Although everything is not about looks, feeling pretty and polished will boost your confidence immensely.

*Please note: Many schools have a recruitment dress code so make sure you look it up or ask about it so you don’t create a fashion faux paux. Some schools have designated casual days, where cute jeans and tops are allowed. Make sure you are aware of the rules and guidelines!

1. Normal recruitment days - A flattering printed skirt, a solid tank tucked in underneath and a solid, colorful blazer on top. Flats and a fun necklace would be great finishes to the look.

2. Formal days – A solid dress is a great idea, but pair it with fun, unique jewelry. If you choose a black dress, a pink chunky necklace and tan heels would be classy and interesting. For a colored dress, a gold necklace and dark shoes would be great. Don’t be afraid of a textured dress, such as a colored lace. Modesty is key, so try to wear a cardigan with anything strapless or more revealing.

3. Bid day/night - The sorority you join will provide you a shirt. To make sure you will match anything handed to you, jeans or black bottoms would be wise. Metallic flats and classic jewelry can make even the most casual T-shirt wow-worthy.

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