If you’ve read anything in the news about USC lately, chances are you've read about our parties and not our philanthropy work. What has been largely overlooked in the midst of changing social events policies is how many Trojans give back to the community in which we reside.

One particular philanthropic group near and dear to many students’ hearts is the largest and oldest student-run philanthropy on campus: Troy Camp.

Every year, Troy Camp brings upwards of 180 children in the Los Angeles community to camp for a week in the summer. Throughout the school year, these same campers are taken on a variety of adventures, from 'SC football games, to the LA Zoo, to California Adventure. 

In order to fund camp and all of these other activities, members of Troy Camp tirelessly raise money throughout the year. Through individual fundraising, private donations and events at USC such as "Pass the Can" and Songfest, this organization is able to offer membership, friendship and guidance to children in South L.A.

Troy Camp is only one of the many organizations at USC that gives back to the surrounding community. Organizations, including Women and Youth Supporting Each Other (WYSE), Joint Educational Program (JEP) and Jumpstart all work to educate students in the L.A. area as well.

So, next time you read an article smearing our school for its rambunctious ways, remember that these Trojans do a lot good, even when we’re a little bit bad.

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