Waking up early to curl or straighten you hair does not sound appealing when sleep is your best friend. However, you don’t want your hair to look frizzy or dead either. 

Here are three easy hairstyles that you can create in a flash, giving you enough time to sleep in and make it to class on time!

1. Double Braid: Section off your hair into three sections. Take the middle section and braid that normally. Now take all of the sections, including the braid, and braid as you normally would. Now you are left with a cool variation of a normal braid.

2. Two-Minute Tuck: Put a headband around your head. Pull you hair to the back of your nape now tuck in your hair around the headband, until all of your hair is tucked in. You are left with an elegant, everyday hairstyle.

3. High-Volume Pony: Tease the top section of your hair to give your hair some volume. Once you are satisfied with how much volume you have, put your hair into a ponytail. Add a headband to really accentuate your volume.

Also, add accessories to make these hairstyles your own. Don’t forget to add hairspray such as L'Oreal Paris' Elnett Sating Strong Hold so your hairstyle will last all day.