In perhaps his most high-profile interview on Funny or Die's webseries "Between Two Ferns,"  Zach Galifianakis sits down with President Barack Obama and hilariously discusses politics, the Hangover franchise and -- oh yeah -- Obamacare.

The interview starts off with Galifianakis asking questions about Turkey and North Korea with Obama swiftly dodging the subjects. Then, Galifianakis shoots out some zingers, asking Obama, "You said you wouldn't want your son playing football -- what makes you think he'll play football? What if he's a nerd like you?"

The comedian continues to throw playful jabs, asking Obama how it feels to be the last Black president and accusing him of winning at basketball only because the other players let him.

Obama proves to be quite witty, however, giving Galifianakis a taste of his own medicine by basically telling him the third Hangover movie sucked and that the studly Bradley Cooper carried the films.

All jokes aside, Obama eventually discusses the Affordable Care Act, detailing why young people should sign up and how they can do it.

Click here to watch the full interview.