A news helicopter crashed at around 7:40 a.m. Tuesday morning near the Space Needle in Seattle, Wash., reports the Los Angeles Times. According to the Seattle fire department, at least two people were confirmed dead at the scene. The two bodies were inside the helicopter when police arrived.

According to the Seattle Times, the KOMO-TV news helicopter had a problem taking off. It then crashed into one reported car. Another car and a pickup truck reportedly caught on fire as well, but it is still unclear whether or not those two vehicles collided with the helicopter.

A 37-year-old man was able to escape his burning car and was taken to the hospital under critical condition. The man suffers from 50 percent of his body being burned.

The New York Daily News reports the helicopter was departing off a downtown helipad on the fifth floor of KOMO studios.

Twenty-six-year-old Chris McColgan was quoted saying, “The crazy thing is, the movies get it exactly right. It’s that big … It felt like a movie. It still feels like a movie.”

The fire has since been put out, and the scene is still being examined. The identities of the two people killed is still unknown.