Since 2011, Adele has been out of the spotlight due to some vocal problems she was experiencing and the birth of her son in late 2012. However, the 25-year-old singer has been working hard to return to the stage stronger and better than ever, and her new ablum is expected to come out in October.
A source close to Adele told Express, “She is considering a comeback gig to promote her new CD.”
And in terms of her vocal recovery: “Her voice has been getting stronger over time and she has been working hard to rehabilitate it. A world tour is still a long way off, certainly a conventional series of shows,” said the source.

The source also added that Adele “vowed that she never wants to break down during a tour or put her voice through so much stress that she suffers problems. Her doctors warned her that stress could also mean more surgery, and she is adamant that she never wants to go through that again.”
Fans of Adele’s music are probably overjoyed that the multi-Grammy Award-winning songstress is continuing to write and produce music after all that she has been through in the past few years.