Untitled Document With actors Ray Liotta to my left and Joe Pantoliano behind me, I stood in the pit of the Gibson, waiting and wondering how J.D. Fortune would hold up as the new frontman for INXS. Being that this was the band’s first real tour since singer Michael Hutchence’s mysterious suicide brought its world to a halt in 1997, all pressure was on.

Fortune won the coveted position as frontman for the ‘80s rock band on last year’s reality series "Rockstar," and knocking out second place was runner-up Marty Casey, who was asked by INXS to open up for them on the tour. Nice consolation prize. After the night's show, there was no question as to why the incandescent J.D. Fortune was chosen.

First, Marty and his Lovehammers warmed us up (I suffered through it, but feel I must at least mention it), with a short set of average alt-rock songs, that included the recognizable "Trees," which he had performed in the competition last summer.

Tension then rose as AC/DC’s "TNT" blasted, and a large projected timer counted down the five minutes preceding INXS’ entrance. Finally, with 10 seconds remaining, the audience counted backwards aloud and J.D. sauntered onstage in his dark glasses and black leather jacket, while Andrew Farriss led in with the unmistakable harmonica line of "Suicide Blonde."

The Aussie rockers were visibly happy to take the stage again, grinning to each other throughout a set of flawlessly delivered older favorites, like "New Sensation," and "What You Need," peppered with new tracks from their recently released album, Switch.

J.D. owned us all, crouching down through the low-pitched "Mystified," writhing his body through the crooner, "Never Tear Us Apart," and titillating his many female fans as he slowly caressed the microphone stand as if it were a woman’s body, during the musical interlude of "Taste It." He literally ran through the audience, comically defying the efforts of security men to restrain him, as they closed with new song "Pretty Vegas." —