As if the number of people killled and injured in the college shootings in Seattle and Isla Vista wasn't big enough, let us add to the list the lives of a high school teenager and an alleged shooter that were taken away Tuesday at Reynolds High School near Portland, Ore.

Police have yet to release any information on the suspect.

The Los Angeles Times reports the school was placed on lockdown and was immediately evacuated when students and faculty heard loud gunshots around 8 a.m.

Students were beyond terrified and were sent to a nearby supermarket parking lot to be reunited with their parents.

A 16-year-old student named Jacob Saldaña was quickly pulled into the classroom as he was walking into school and witnessed a teacher wounded, claiming, “He was definitely bleeding.”

Police released no comments on any names or injuries that took place.

School has always been a setting where students should feel protected and safe at all times. But nowadays, it seems that students must attend school feeling afraid or saddened by the fact that they have tragically lost an innocent classmate.