With one school year over and another one coming up fast, it’s time for both college men and women to start planning their fall wardrobe. But, ladies first.

Here you go, girls: these are some of the trends we’re expecting to see on college campuses this fall—we recommend you consider adding some of these pieces to your closet!

1. Workout Wear: You’d be lying if you said that you’ve never seen a college female don an all-Lululemon workout outfit for class or lunch with friends. While workout wear is mostly meant to be worn while working out (duh), tight black leggings matched with a tank top is just too comfortable to be worn only at a SoulCycle class. Even Urban Outfitters has started the line “Without Walls,” which incorporates its simple yet chic indie style with typical workout wear. Plus, by wearing active wear, ladies have more incentive to work out. Whether it’s for class, the gym or lunch with friends, workout clothes are the perfect balance of comfy and cute.

Photo: Onzie Elastic-Back Tank Top, $58, Urban Outfitters

2. Bohemian Chic: I think we can all agree that it’s time to retire the high-waisted shorts and skirts paired with crop tops. Kimonos are making a comeback, and the hippie era is taking over once again! This boho-chic style includes kimonos, long dresses, tunics, earthy patterns and colors, joggers and knitwear. College gals are embracing comfortable clothing; getting ready for class should never involve sucking in your gut to zip up a skirt. The bohemian chic look gives ladies the opportunity to look good while wearing a baggy T-shirt, which is a double win.

Photo: Paisley Fringe Kimono, $32.80, Forever 21

3. Professional: This look doesn’t only apply to job interviews; it’s possible to incorporate the classiness of a professional look with your everyday outfits. Eventually you’re going to need to get used to pencil skirts and blazers for your future nine-to-five job, so you might as well start dressing for the job you want now. A simple blazer paired with a tank top and jeans is perfect for class, family gatherings or a nice dinner with friends. It’s time to show the world that you’re finally a responsible adult.

Photo: Gibson Linen Blazer, $49.90, Nordstrom

4. "Taylor Swift" look: Although you may hate her music, you can’t deny that she has an amazing sense of style. By combining her country sweetheart look with New York City edginess, she has mastered the art of looking sweet and adorable while also staying classy and professional. Her simple outfits can be easily recreated. She makes her floral dresses look elegant with red lipstick. She recreated the chic “all black” look with a simple black mini skirt and tights. She paired an oversized pea coat with a T-shirt and jeans for a comfortable look. Her wide range of styles is perfect for absolutely any occasion!

Photo: Xcellent Button Up Blouse, $28, Tobi

5. Grunge: Everyone loved the ‘90s, so it’s time we bring it back with grunge! Artists and bands, like Lorde and The 1975, are huge fans of the black and drape-y look. However, this style doesn’t just include black skinny jeans with a pair of black Vans. Thanks to the “indie grunge” trend, you can incorporate your beloved high-waisted shorts with black tights and an oversized sweater. A black dress paired with Doc Martens is so simple that it can be used for any occasion, and you can represent your favorite punk band with a band shirt. Also, the oversized flannel is always comfortable, easy and fashionable.

Photo: After Party Vintage Tried and True Flannel, $42, Nasty Gal