While the ladies are busy preparing their wardrobe for the impending fall semester, it's time for the guys to follow suit.

Start off the school year with a bang by rocking a trend you probably haven't tried before! If these items aren't already in your closet, you should seriously consider adding them. This year, heads will be turning in your direction.

1. Floral: Apparently floral isn’t just a trend for women anymore; flowers are now covering shirts, jackets, shorts and even shoes for men. A simple floral button-up with a pair of solid shorts or pants is perfect for fall.

Photos: The Bushwick, $90, VANS and CPO Chambray Floral Button-Down Shirt, $49.00, Urban Outfitters

2. Printed Pants: Clearly, women’s fashion is continuing to leak over to menswear. While some guys may find printed pants as feminine, we beg to differ. Men need to understand that adding some style to their daily outfits with a pair of printed pants is hot and fashionable. And although this trend technically began in spring, we want to see it carry over into the fall!

Whether it has boats on it or a plaid design, a simple printed pant paired with a button-up can be the perfect outfit for class or for a day hanging out with friends.

Photo: Black Oversized Check Stretch Skinny Chinos, $70.00, Topman

3. Bomber Jackets: This trend goes with everything and is perfect for any occasion. A throwback to the famous varsity jacket, bomber jackets suit any "type" of guy. He can wear it year round, or pair it with any outfit any time of the day.

Photo: New Look Baseball Bomber Sweat Jacket, $28.56, Asos

4. Color-Blocked Shirts: This trend is not as bold as the last two, but it’ll still make a guy stand out among the crowd. While most dudes can’t handle flowers and prints on their clothing, every guy should be able to handle blocks of different colors on one shirt. This shirt says that you’re putting effort into your sense of style without really trying.

Photo: Power Washed Color Block Pocket Tee, $28.00, American Apparel

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