Putting its best bling forward, Suemi sparked up the runway decking out models in trendy unisex rings for a fashion show on the rooftop of the SoHo-style Cosmo Lofts in Hollywood. The evening showcased models in Fremont, Nudie Jeans, Denim Birds, April 77, Kulte, Vestal and, of course, Suemi.

As the models stomped down the runway in the casual, funky (and sometimes furry) attire, much focus turned to the hardware gracing the hands of both male and female alike. Suemi’s collection of thick, hard steel rings added a unique and fresh touch to the hip clothing of the young crowd.

While lately we have been inundated with chunky jewelry draped on in massive layers, simple Suemi rings are a nice change to see on the runway. The rings are substantially thick, but they are cut sharply and provide a clean look.

The metal used in construction is not exactly shiny and definitely not dull, leaving the rings in the not-too-dressy not-too-casual category. This begs the question; with what would one wear a Suemi ring then? For men the rings will most definitely dress up an outfit and add a slight touch of masculine elegance for an evening out. For women the hardware may be more appropriate for fun, trendy getups, and less for cocktail dresses and heels.

Mixing trends can be a fun way to change up the old wardrobe you can’t afford to replace. Adding an eclectic ring can up the hip factor of some of your worn out gear, although Suemi rings don’t necessarily mesh with too-casual looks.

Rich Radenbaugh, the founder and CEO of Suemi, proves his style-savvy is a force to be reckoned with. As he donned the jewelry himself he couldn’t help but be stopped by masses of people the entire evening, all anxious to see the pieces up close. His friendly and laid-back demeanor is reflected in the stainless steel creations.

The industrial look gels with both the male and female models showcasing the rings. As the models sport an eclectic fashion mix of shrunken blazers, sweater vests, tall boots, short skirts and preppy plaid, designers manage to find a Suemi fashion or two for each unique look, however, they may have been a little dressy for the men’s outfits. The rings did work well, however, with the laid-back nature of the girls’ attire.

Taking a new viewpoint, Radenbaugh accomplishes for jewelry what Calvin Klein accomplished for perfume. As with CK1, Suemi fashions are versatile enough to be worn on both male and female and fresh enough to vibe with the young and hip scene of Hollywood.

For more information, visit www.suemidesigns.com.