Last week, we posted a video that appeared on The Daily Caller. In it, college students were asked questions about the Islamic terrorist group ISIS ("What were the names of the journalists who were beheaded?" and "What is President Barack Obama's strategy?").

Shockingly (or perhaps it wasn't that shocking), hardly anyone could answer the questions correctly.

Now, a new video has emerged and in this one, students are asked to sign a petition supporting ISIS (via The Blaze).

MCRCTV's Dan Joseph went around George Mason University in Virginia and convinced students to sign a petition that supports the terrorist group and asks Obama not to bomb it.

To one male student, Joseph explained that by supporting ISIS instead of bombing them, the U.S. can avoid war. And then he added, "You know, [ISIS is] just like us, only with slightly more beheadings."

"Oh, they're the ones that kept beheading?" asked the student.

"Yeah," replied Joseph. "But if we support them, maybe they'll stop."

And then it appears the student signs the petition. However, although this student did agree that war is not the answer and signed his name, he did say beheading is not the answer either.

One female student seemed to be downplaying the Islamic radical group's actions.

"Every religion has its moment," she said. "Don't even get me started on what the Christians used to -- what they did to the nonbelievers once upon a time." She then signs the petition.

"We're trying to support ISIS. They're the Islamic State of Iraq in Syria," Joseph said to another girl.

"Do I just sign it?" asked the girl.

"Yeah, just sign it for me," he answered. And of course, she signed it.

After about an hour, Joseph said he was able to gather 12 to 13 signatures.

So what does this video prove? Well, it could mean a variety of things.

For one, some could argue that students are uneducated and will sign a petition for anything that's thrust in front of their faces. One military veteran, obviously against supporting ISIS, made that point loud and clear.

"How do you think we've gotten so many signatures," Joseph asked the veteran.

"Because people are [expletive]. And they don't watch the news, and they vote uneducated. That's why," he replied.

Or, the video proves that many students just don't care about petitions and will sign one just to get away from the petitioner.

But then again, this experiment could prove that maybe some of these students actually do support ISIS on some level...

We may never know the real reason why Joseph was able to get those signatures. But we do know one thing: this video sure is eye opening.

Watch the video above, and tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.