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Oh, Mindy, Mindy, Mindy!

There's not a person on Earth who can convincingly argue that this woman has zero style. Whether she's on the red carpet or portraying the quirky and lovable Mindy "Lahiri" on FOX's "The Mindy Project," Mindy knows how to rock a variety of styles, embracing wonderful colors and her fabulous curves while still looking professional and sophisticated.

So, we've turned to her Instagram page to dig up some Mindy-inspired clothing items and outfits that would help any female intern stand out in an office environment.

Sure, Mindy might have the voice of a 10-year-old girl, but she dresses like a boss lady.

1. The "Bright" Professional
One of the best things about Mindy's personal style is that she's not afraid of color (she's probably worn every single color of the rainbow on her show). Some interns prefer to dress in understated hues such as grey, black, dark blue and brown. However, that is a BIG mistake! Don't be afraid to splash up the office environment with some color. It'll make you stand out among the other interns, and if your boss has any fashion sense, you'll most definitely receive a compliment.

Copy Mindy's love for color by investing in a bright blue blazer, like the one pictured in the gallery from Foreign Exchange. You can pair it with an equally bright skirt (like Mindy), or balance out your outfit with dark pants and a light-colored shirt underneath, like the model.

Pictured: Classic Shirred Sleeve Blazer, $29, Foreign Exchange

2. Trippin' Out on Psychedelic Patterns
There's something about Mindy's psychedelic dress that makes everyone want to take a second look...perhaps because it creates a "trippy," surreal effect. I saw this outfit up close and personal at this year's FOX's Girls' Night Out event, and it was definitely a head turner.

To translate this look for your office internship, try a shift dress like the Zig Zag Shift Dress from Forever 21. A shift dress is great for the work place (as long as it's not too short!), because it's suuuuuuper comfortable. Also, some professional environments frown upon attire that accentuates curves (I know, it sucks. But that's the reality), and a shift dress does the opposite by hiding your curves.

Although this dress' pattern is different from Mindy's, the zig-zagginess achieves the same result: it plays tricks on the eyes, giving it a 3D-esque, hallucinatory quality that radiates cool and edginess!

Pictured: Zig Zag Shift Dress, $19.99, Forever 21; Mindy photo by Frank Micelotta/FOX.

3. It's a Wrap!
Wrap dresses are simple, easy and can be suitable for all body types if you know how to wear them right. Mindy's wrap dress is extremely forgiving: it accentuates her waist without clenching it, and loosens up around her thighs and arms. You can achieve that same result with this wrap dress from Tobi.

With this particular wrap dress, though, you'll definitely need a belt to show off your waist. But if belts aren't your thing, a faux-wrap dress (like this one from Banana Republic) is what you'll want. Just remember: With any wrap dress, make sure it's not too tight or too revealing around the bust area. For instance, the Tobi wrap dress (pictured in the gallery) shows a tad too much cleavage. Fix that by wearing a camisole underneath.

Pictured: That's a Wrap Dress, $44, Tobi

4. Make a Plaid Comeback
Mindy wore a short, pleated plaid skirt on a recent episode of "The Mindy Project," and although it wasn't too short, we figured a longer skirt is better safe than sorry, especially for an intern.

This fall, mod seems to be making a comeback and over at ModCloth, they figured out how to incorporate plaid into this hip '60s trend! To make your plaid look less drab and more fab, aim for a form-fitting plaid pencil skirt and a blouse that's long enough to be tucked in; don't you dare reach for a crop top! And another warning: Do NOT match your plaid skirt with a plaid shirt. This screams, "lumberjack!" or "pajamas!" instead of "sophisticated" or "stylish."

To achieve the mod look with your plaid skirt, we like how ModCloth's model is donning a pearl-like necklace. Pearls are considered elegant, but when styled correctly, you can downgrade them to just "classy professional." We also like Mindy's headband; somehow, she manages to wear her pleated skirt, jacket and headband without looking like a schoolgirl. You can achieve that same effect with a matching headband too.

Pictured: Al Fresco Monday Skirt, $44.99, ModCloth

5. A Pencil Skirt that "Pops!"
Speaking of pencil skirts, every young female professional should have a least one of these in her closest. Furthermore, instead of the boring black, grey and pinstriped skirts, purchase a pencil skirt in a bold color, like purple, red, green or blue.

This is probably my favorite look from Mindy thus far. She expertly paired her purple pencil skirt with a black-and-white long sleeved collared shirt and managed to not look "loud." Although the Express model's red pencil skirt is wonderfully bold and fitting, take this look a step further by matching your skirt with a patterned blouse. Or, try color blocking.

The key to pencil skirts, however, is finding the right size. If you have a little bit of tummy flab (look, we can't all have amazing abs), try finding a high-waist skirt that has a tummy panel. And be sure your pencil skirt isn't too tight; if it's too hard to walk around in it or if it creates unflattering bulges, don't buy the skirt.

And one more note about pencil skirt outfits in general: They're great for accentuating curves, but don't take it too far. Don't wear a tight, button-up blouse with cleavage with your pencil skirt, and avoid skirts with slits that go all the way up to your mid-thigh area -- that's an intern no-no. Save it for your "Sexy Teacher" Halloween costume.

Pictured: High Yoke Waist Midi Pencil Skirt, $59.90, Express

6. Excess Baggage You'll WANT to Carry with You
The bag you carry to class is probably not the bag you should be carrying to your internship. In other words, leave you ratty backpack that you've had since high school in your dorm, and invest in a nice work bag you'll hold onto for years.

Mindy's Celine bag is to die for, and good for her. Chances are, if you're interning, you're either not getting paid or you're getting paid very little, so the probability of you buying a Celine bag is nonexistent.

Don't feel too bad, though, because you can find an equally amazing bag at an affordable price. This tote bag from ASOS has leather-looking fabric (hey, who's really going to tell the difference?) and enough pockets and zippers for you to fit your wallet, cell phone, lipgloss, etc. And, its size and shape allows you to carry documents back and forth if you need to, eliminating your need for a backpack or briefcase.

However, what's really great about this bag is its color. Emerald green gives off a sophisticated, royal vibe, and it will definitely stand out among all of the black and Navy blue purses in the office. If green isn't your thing, at least get a bag in a color that draws attention.

After all, as Mindy has proven us with ALL of her looks, embracing color is also embracing fierceness, confidence and creativity --- three things every intern needs to stand out in the work place.

Pictured: ASOS East West Pocket Tote Bag, $53.22, ASOS