Rapper Hoodie Allen recently released his video for "All About It" from his latest album People Keep Talking, and it features him and Ed Sheeran playing dress up, hitting apples with a baseball bat and shooting rockets into the air.

"Cause I got soul and I won't quit/And your dad don't like it when I talk my shit/Cause I'm all about it baby," spits the rapper.

However, the surprise on this track (if you haven't heard it yet) is Sheeran. The Grammy Award-nominated artist perhaps known for his singer-songwriter, pop-like vocals and melodies surprises again with his rap skills. The 23-year-old Brit insists, "I'm not a rapper, just a singer with a game plan," but his verse proves otherwise.

Check out the video above!

Allen will be performing at the Wiltern on Tuesday, Nov. 18. Click here for tickets.

[h/t MTV]