Here's Yet ANOTHER 'Shake if Off' Video by a Bunch of College Students
(Credit: YouTube)

First, these Delta Sigma Phi fraternity brothers were lip-dubing to it. Then, Boston College students danced their butts off to it as they celebrated "Espresso Faith Week." And now Georgia Tech students are singing and dancing to it as well, but this time they've changed the lyrics.

Seriously, Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" has become the unofficial college pop anthem.

In this latest rendition of the song, senior Maggie Bridges sings Swift's "Shake it Off," but the lyrics are meant to relate to Georgia Tech students: "I studied way too late/Got nothing in my brain." While Bridges sings in front of a group of male vocalists, GT cheerleaders, dancers and even the mascot get down to the song.

The video was created to show that GT students absolutely know how to have fun, but they still embrace their nerdiness.

Georgia Tech students are criticized a lot by non-Georgia Tech students and themselves, reads the video's description. We are told that we don't know how to have fun, we study too much, or we're just simply a bunch of nerds. Who cares what people say? As Georgia Tech students, we are going to make a difference in this world; And yes, we are nerds. Don't change who you are to conform to what other people want from you. Remember who you are because you are awesome. Just shake it off Georgia Tech.

[h/t The Huffington Post]