The number of Californians who are transferring to UC campuses from community colleges and other schools is slightly lower this fall than last year, according to new preliminary statistics. Meanwhile, the number of international students in the UC transfer ranks is rising.

The 15,223 California students who have indicated they will attend UC in the fall as transfers are 430 fewer than last year, while the number of international transfers went up by 254 to 2,649.  Transfer students from other U.S. states total 142, up 17 from last year, the UC tally shows.

As part of a budget agreement with Gov. Jerry Brown this spring, UC officials have promised to significantly increase the numbers of transfer students from California community colleges.  They say the results of those efforts will start to be seen in the 2016-17 school year.

Among the system’s nine undergraduate campuses, UCLA is enrolling the most transfers, 3,226,  the statistics show. Next is Davis, 3,140, followed by San Diego, 2,869; Berkeley, 2,251; Irvine, 2,099; Santa Barbara, 1,627; Riverside, 1,435; Santa Cruz, 1,328; and Merced, 128. 

Californians comprise 84.5% of the newly enrolled transfers for the fall, compared to their 77.5% share among the incoming freshman class.

Whites made up the largest group of U.S. students who are transferring from California community colleges, 35.1%; Asians were next, 30.1%; Latinos, 25.7%; and blacks 4.6%.

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