I recently interviewed an up and coming 20-year-old actor named “Chris.” At the time he had been in L.A. for about three months and had already bedded over 10 women, ranging in ages from 23-30, actresses to go-go dancers. Most of these women had sex with him the night/week they met. Here is a partial transcript of our session:

Lucia: What do you think of girls that are willing to have sex with you right away?

Chris: I don't understand why they're willing to have sex with me the night we meet. I think it's weird. When you go home with a girl, you know she's not “the one.” You don't wanna be with a girl that's gonna do that.

You know right off that's not the girl you wanna be with. Guys love challenges and when a girl doesn't give it up right away, a guy is gonna keep trying.

Lucia: How do you decide whether you're going to see them again?

Chris: You're not thinking about whether you're gonna see them again. I give them my number, but I don't take theirs. I figure, if they wanna see me again, they'll call.

Lucia: What makes you want to see a girl again?

Chris: If she's really good-looking, has a good body and is really good in bed, I'll wanna see her again.

Lucia: How long do these “relationships” usually last?

Chris: They're usually over in a week or two. There's no challenge.

Lucia: Do you ever go out or is it just about sex?

Chris: I don't usually take these girls out, I don't really want to. If I don't see it going anywhere, I'm not gonna take them out. Some of them would have had potential to be more than booty calls if they hadn't slept with me right away.

Lucia: What has your experience been with actresses?

Chris: I think a lot of the actresses here are crazy, chemically imbalanced.

Lucia: Tell me about one of your experiences.

Chris: I met T. at a grocery store and invited her to come with me and my friends to a party we were going to. She joined us and I ended up going home with her that night.

I was at her apartment every day for a week, then we had a fight and she started screaming at me. I broke it off but she keeps calling.

Lucia: Have any of these relationships lasted longer than a week or two?

Chris: I dated K. for about a month. She's a go-go dancer I met at a club and we hooked up the day after we met.

We would just go out for drinks and have lots of sex. Eventually I got sick of her. I knew she wasn't in love.

Lucia: Is there anyone you're interested in at the moment?

Chris: There's a girl I knew back east when I was a teenager. I haven't seen or spoken to her in two years but I've thought about her every day.

Lucia: Why are you attracted to her?

Chris: I'm intimidated by her. I'm very self-conscious around her. She has morals, she's gorgeous, smart and doesn't take shit from anyone.

You don't want a girl that you keep treating like crap but she keeps coming back. That's not a strong girl.

Lucia: Did you have sex with her on the first night?

Chris: We've never had sex.

My conclusion: Girls in Hollywood may be willing to give it up the first night, but is it worth it?

REMEMBER: Love inspires, empowers, uplifts and enlightens.

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