The second annual Los Angeles Times Night Market is taking place this weekend. Participants can sample some of the city’s best food produced by restaurants and food trucks and restaurants under the glow of City Hall. There will also be drinks and plenty of music. (Think of the bustling outdoor food market with 50 diverse vendors as a love letter to the L.A. food scene.) This year, there will be a program of events with special chef collaborations and demonstrations, DJs and music performances, light projections and entertainment stages, and an Outstanding in the Field long-table Filipino feast on opening night. The event is free, but you can purchase tickets to the Supermarket Area that allow access to curated food vendors, additional seating areas and food booths, bars, premium lounges and entertainment.


Taco Alley

Taco Taim • Pez Cantina • Todo Verde • Delmy’s Tamales• Escuela Taqueria • TortaTorta

L.A. Times Food Court

Hanjip • Bling Bling Dumpling • Broad Street Oyster Company • Big Mozz • Fritzi Coop • Lobsterdamus • Asia Dog • Cheezus • Wanderlust Creamery

Hill Street Food Trucks

Belly Bombz • Phillyfornia • Wing Society • Chef TLC’s Sidewalk Cafe

Lantern Garden

Wednesday – Outstanding in the Field Filipino Feast • Thursday – Doughnut Town: Blue Star Donuts • DK Donuts • Dreamy Creations • Glazed Donut Bar • Monarch Donuts • Friday – Fried Chicken Friday: South City Fried Chicken • Dante Fried Chicken • Poppy + Rose • Daddy’s Chicken Shack • Sunday –  Charity Bake Sale

Broadway Food Trucks

Kogi BBQ (Weds, Fri, Sat) • Banh Mi in LA (Weds, Fri, Sat, Sun) • Carnitas El Momo (Wed, Thurs) • Prince of Venice (Fri, Sat, Sun) • All 5 Days – Cousins Maine Lobster • Locol • Dang Brother Pizza • Dreamy Creations • 3 Wheel Cafe • Blast Ice Cream

Super Market – $10 Admission

Jitlada (Weds) • Mayura (Thurs) • Park’s BBQ (Fri) • Flossy (Fri, Sat) • Momofuku (Sat, Sun) • All 5 Days – Burritos Las Palmas • Earlz Hot Dogs • Banh Oui • Hip Hot • Secret Lasagna • Fat Dragon • Urban Pie • Side Chick • Johnny Lee’s New Hong Kong-style Meat Project Pearl River • Scott Conant’s Ponte • Shirley Chung’s Dumpling Pop-Up Ms. Chi Cafe • Workaholic’s Dumpling Stand • Patina Group restaurants • Delmy’s Pupusas • Baohaus • Bludso’s Bar & Que • Pizzanista



Night Market: DJ’s – Scott Dallavo (The Beat/KDAY/Indie 103.1) with Todd Simon (trumpet) • DJ Monalisa (Umoja Hi-Fi/Motown On Mondays LA) • Live Music – Sea Funk Brass Band • Super Market: KCRW NIGHT – DJ’s Jose Galvan • Marion Hodges • Raul Campos


Night Market: DJ’s – Miles Tackett (Funky Soul) • DJ Monalisa (Umoja Hi-Fi/Motown On Mondays LA) • K-Sly (Prism DJ’s) • Live Music – Very Be Careful • Super Market: DJ’s – DJ Zo (Soho House) • Scott Dallavo (The Beat/KDAY/Indie 103.1) with Todd Simon (trumpet) • DJ Maple Syrup (GratuityLA – NuTropic Sound)


Night Market: DJ’s – Mara Schwartz Kuge (Soft Rock Sunday) • Francesca Harding (KPFK) • Live Music – Sadubas • Super Market: DJ’s – woman. – Ana Calderon, Michelle Pesce, Daisy O’Dell


Filipino Feast, Dumpling Feast, Taco Land, Hamburgers & Hot Dogs, Doughnut Town, Charity Bake Sale, Fried Chicken Friday, Dessert Alley, Vegan, Meats & More 


PRICE: $10


Friday, May 18, 5-11 p.m.

Saturday, May 19, 3-11 p.m.

Sunday, May 20, 3-9 p.m.

WHERE:  GRAND PARK - 200 N. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90012