Never heard of Lupe Fiasco? That's OK, you just haven't been paying attention to what's hot in hip hop. Fiasco is a guy who stays away from the tabloids by staying in the studio and out of the clubs. But on this night, he made an exception. After leaving the set of his second video shoot, he headed down to KeyClub to please the hundreds of screaming fans that lined Sunset Boulevard.

An ecstatic crowd and a sold-out show was a pretty impressive sight to witness, considering the fact that Fiasco hasn't even released a solo album yet. His debut, Food & Liquor , is currently slated to hit record stores September 19, but the reaction from fans that packed into KeyClub proved his new CD is highly anticipated.

Don't believe the hype? Then take a look at his MySpace stats. More than 1.5 million music lovers have visited his page. Fiasco also won the honor of being placed on Billboard magazine's July 15 cover and was featured in Vibe magazine's Sexy Issue. Not to mention the fact that he's already selling ringtones, has a sneaker deal with Reebok, a video airing on MTV and BET and he's performed live on national talk shows “Ellen” and “David Letterman.”

So what else could Fiasco ask for? Nothing but a hype Hollywood show – and that's exactly what he got when he hit the stage performing one of his hottest tracks “Touch the Sky,” a song from Kanye West's latest CD in which Fiasco guest appeared. During the show, he paid respect to both his fellow Chi-Town rapper and Sierra Leone, Africa by performing “Conflict Diamonds,” a Kanye remix that reveals more details behind the brutal treatment of diamond mine employees than the original song written by West.

To serenade a lady from the audience, Fiasco told a story about an old crush and then dropped another hot remix featuring a N.E.R.D beat. Lupe ended the concert with “Kick Push,” a familiar single that's been burning up the Billboard charts – but that wasn't until he gave the crowd a good taste of what he's been cookin' in the studio. Don't be surprised if Fiasco's next performance is at the Grammys