How to Keep your Blonde?

How to keep your blonde vibrant through winter? First things first, I’d highly recommend if you can to install a water filter on your shower head if you don’t already have one--hard water can often times dry out blonde and cause even more damage through the winter months. It is important that you use a violet toning shampoo and conditioner like Pureology Strength Cure Blonde, once you start to see any kind of fade or unwanted hues. Its key ingredient, Purple Orchid will help fight brass and retain your fresh from salon vibrancy. I’d also recommend using a leave in spray like Pureology’s Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Treatment Spray every time you wash your hair. This all in one product will protect hair from heat used in hot tools, environmental stressors like cold wind, and prevent future damage. Lastly, I’d use an intensely moisturizing treatment mask at least once a week to help nourish and strengthen color-treated hair. My go to masks, especially in winter are Pureology’s Strength Cure & Hydrate Superfood Treatments. 

Should blondes go darker/ashy during winter months? Really anything goes when it comes to blondes in winter, and it’s a great time to introduce a different look! If you want a more subtle change, I’d recommend an ashy root tap. If you want to change things up a bit more, I’d recommend a high intensity ash tone, which works for not only blondes but brunettes as well, and is also going to be a huge trend in 2021! 

Which shampoo/treatment will keep your blonde blondest? The best hair regime for your blondest blonde at home is Pureology’s Strength Cure Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner followed by their leave in spray, Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Spray. This trio will fight brass, strengthen hair and protect from any heat or stressors that are likely to strip color. When in the salon, either after your color or in between color services, ask for Pureology’s Color Fanatic Color Sealer, which is an in salon only treatment that will help seal your color and retain vibrancy for weeks to come.

How to keep your color? 

How often should you visit the salon for trims and color treatments? For shorter cropped hair, getting a trim and color every 3-8 weeks is pretty average for a salon visit. For mid length hair, the average salon visit is about 6-12 weeks and for longer lengths it can be anywhere from 12-24 weeks depending on maintenance and lived in color placement. 

Should Keratin/Brazilian treatments be considered? Keratin and Brazilian treatments are great for those in need of hair manageability and ease as well a time saver when it comes to styling. Whether you are a mom who needs to get up and go in the morning with a go to frizz-free topknot or a working CEO who blows out her hair and wants it to take half the time to do at home, Keratin and Brazilian treatments are great options. Around 50% of my clientele gets these treatments and they absolutely love them! Pro tip: after either treatment be sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo (any Pureology shampoo will do!) to help retain the life and longevity of these treatments. 

What products do you recommend for keeping color looking healthy and shiny? Number one, use a shampoo and conditioner formulated with plant botanicals as this will leave hair looking and feeling healthy immediately, which just happens to be the foundation for shine. Pureology shampoo and conditioner formulas are 100% vegan, and include a patented ingredient blend of sunflower seed, a UV filter and Vitamin E to protect color vibrancy and ensure lasting shine—plus, so you can tell the difference right away! 

Number two, I always recommend using a serum after washing hair but before blow-drying or letting hair air dry completely. A hair serum, like Pureology’s Smooth Perfection Smoothing Serum will not only protect hair from heat and tame fly-aways, it will also provide a layer of shine with key ingredients like Camelia and Shea Butter. For the best results, apply to hair that is about 50% dry and style accordingly. For extra shine once hair is dry, you can finish your look with Pureology’s Style + Protect Shine Bright Taming Serum, which actually starts as a cream and turns into a serum once you rub between hands. The magic of the cream based serum will add intense shine and control to your hair!

Protective Styling?

How do you correctly dry your hair in the winter? First thing first, never go outside with wet hair! Drying your hair in the winter is a must because if it freezes it could actually break off. The cold winter air is dry and porous, resulting in brittle hair so hydration is key during these winter months. After washing and before styling, use an intensely moisturizing hair mask or treatment to help nourish and strengthen. Before using any hot tool, you must use a heat protecting leave in spray—enter Pureology’s Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Leave-In Spray that has 21 benefits to help prime and protect hair! Lastly, when drying hair with a blow dryer, make sure to position the nozzle down and close to the hair cuticle. This will allow the airflow to match your hairs natural state while helping to reduce frizz. Think about it like you are spraying a water hose up toward the top of your house--it will blow the shingles and siding in opposite directions, exposing what is underneath, instead of protecting it. That is just like if you were to blow-dry your hair up--you are opening the hair cuticle, causing frizz and lack of control. 

Which heat styling tools to use for everyday/blow-drying hair? Before grabbing your hot tool right away, try letting your hair air-dry for as long as possible. This will not only cut down on the time it takes to blow-dry but will also result in less heat damage to hair. Make sure to use a heat protectant spray before blow-drying or using a hot tool—Pureology’s Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Leave in Spray is my go-to since it does so much more! I also like to use a concentrator nozzle on my blow dryer since it helps control frizz and tames fly-aways. 

How to safely use heat styling tools on dry hair in the winter? Heat styling in winter months or any month for that matter should require caution. If your hair is naturally delicate, fine or color-treated, you should treat it like fine silk. Set the heat on your curling iron from anywhere from 210-300 degrees. If it molds the hair it’s the perfect setting, if it sizzles or simmers, it’s a sign its too hot. For medium to normal hair types and textures, you can set the heat to around 350-400 degrees, and for curly or thick hair, you will most likely need a setting of 400-450 degrees in order to penetrate hair.  

PRO TIP: Ceramic Heat styling tools perform best and cause less damage.

Which texture sprays will keep your curls shiny and bouncy? Pureology’s Style + Protect Beach Waves Sugar Spray will keep curls shiny and bouncy due to its non-drying properties and perfect amount of memory control. You can use it on wet or dry hair, and it will give you the best-tousled shiny texture.


How often to deep condition/ use treatment masks on dry winter brittle hair? In the winter months, medium to course hair can use treatment masks every time they shampoo and condition their hair. For fine hair, I’d recommend using a treatment mask every other shampoo so it doesn’t weigh hair down. 

Best overnight treatments to wake up with luscious moisturized hair?
It all depends on the type of damage your hair has. If you struggle from multiple, normal day-to-day brushing and heat styling damage then you will want to use Pureology’s Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Deep Conditioning Mask which will help repair the hairs cuticle. 

If your hair has subtle damage from chemical services such as highlights and blonding then you will want to use a mas that will penetrate beyond the cuticle to help rebuild hair bonds and future damage. I’d recommend Pureology’s Strength Cure or Hydrate Superfood Treatment Masks depending on your hair need—strength & repair or nourishment & hydration. 

Natural Hair

How often should we use dry shampoo and keep your hair looking fresh, not brittle? It really depends on your hair type and the dry shampoo you are using. Some dry shampoos aren’t meant to be used daily as it starts to build onto the scalp rather than cleanse. A dry shampoo like Pureology’s Style + Protect Refresh and Go Dry Shampoo can be used multiple days in a row since it is nondrying and absorbs oil, allowing it to be layered. PRO TIP: spray in hair before bed as most people produce oil while sleeping! This will allow for maximum absorbency, acting as a barrier before it happens you will wake up ready to go or style your hair!

If you don’t typically blow dry…which products to use for keeping your natural hair? If you don’t typically blow dry, I’d recommend using a lightweight serum that can enhance your hair’s natural state. Pureology’s Smooth Perfection Smoothing Serum is great for controlling frizz and enhancing natural texture. You can also layer in Pureology’s Style + Protect Beach Waves Sugar Spray, which will add a little texture and natural curls, and it is also great for air drying!

Which products do you recommend for dry styling? For dry styling, I love blending Pureology’s Style + Protect Mess It Up Texture Paste and Texture Finishing Spray together in the palm of my hand and apply to clean dry hair. It gives me a second day, organic cool girl lived in hair look. Perfect hidden secret combo.


Haircare items to pack for a beach vacation during winter months Pureology’s Style + Protect Beach Waves Sugar Spray is a must for a beach vacation during winter months since it’s incredibly versatile. It has heat protection, gives you texture and is a great styler! For a few easy looks: spray it in damp hair, braid your hair and then let it dry. Take the braid out once completely dry, and you will have gorgeous waves! For a more tousled look, spray in damp hair, scrunch your hair with your hands and go. You can spray it in wet or dry hair! On dry hair, spray throughout and curl your hair using a hot tool—your curls will last longer! You can also use it to break up your curls and on natural texture to help enhance your hairs state. It’s a gem!

Quick and easy styles for winter hair looks A side part that is sleek and glossy. And if you want a more dramatic effect, tuck one side of your sleeked back hair behind your ear. We are going to see a ton of sleekness in the New Year so break out Pureology’s Style + Protect Shine Bright Taming Serum and the flat irons! 

Should we opt for silk bedding, hair ties, wraps and hats? Absolutely! Silk pillows help reduce frizz and split ends. Silk scrunchies will provide an extra layer of protection with additional fabric around the band, unlike elastics ties which can cause hair damage. Silk scrunchies also slide down the hair rather than pull out the hair, which is a huge difference when it comes to the overall health of your hair—especially when wearing hair up every day.

Is going outside with wet hair a huge no? Or a myth? Going outside when your hair is wet is not a myth. What will happen is your hair will freeze and actually break off! The strands of your hair are more vulnerable when they are wet vs when they are dry. And when hair freezes, it’s easier for them to break and snap right off. So making sure that your hair is completely dry before going outside in freezing temperatures is very important. If you don’t like to blow dry or don’t have time to air dry in the morning, you  may consider changing your routine. You can shower at night, allowing your hair to air dry overnight. Or if you do blow dry, make sure to use a leave in heat protectant spray! But all in all, don’t go outside with a wet head when it is cold or even freezing outside!

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