Target just made it easier to step up your self-care with the addition of several new beauty and body items — including some with fun and funky features.

No ordinary nail polish: Nails.INC’s cocoa-scented nail polish smells so good you might just want to eat it (although we wouldn’t advise it). The new collection, sold exclusively at Target, features four shades: No Feat Chocolatier (a creamy milk chocolate-y brown), Rock It Chocolate (a warm caramel color), Meet Me On Mars (think dark chocolate) and Coco Kisses (a rich chocolate brown). Each is vegan/cruelty free and sells for $7.99 in stores or online at

A mood ring for your nails: Remember those 1970s rings that changed color based on your mood — but really it worked its magic because of a person’s body temperature. Now apply that concept to your manicure, and you’ve got NAIL.INC’s color-changing nail polishes. Watch the colors change by running polished nails under cold or hot water. Each is $7.99 in stores and online.

Fresh and fruity: Don’t just eat your fruits. You can wear them on your nails, too, with Nails.INC’s fruit-scented collection. There’s You Crack Me Up (coconut scent), Wanna Be A Melonaire (watermelon-scented pink) and Don’t Worry Peach Happy (peach-scented). Each is $7.99 in stores and online.

Body masks galore: Holler and Glow has you covered with a mask for almost any need. Its latest launch at Target includes a peeling foot mask ($3.99), one for hydrating the under-eye area ($2.99), a nourishing avocado clay mask ($2.99), clarifying sheet masks ($2.99), an SOS “hangover” face mask for hydrating skin ($2.99), a glove mask for rejuvenating hands ($3.99) and an anti-aging breast sheet mask ($2.99). All are vegan and cruelty free. Find them in stores and online.

A cocktail of fragrances: Why wear one scent when you can layer more than one to create a fragrance that’s as unique as you? MIX:BAR released this month exclusively at Target seven scents that can be worn on their own or “cocktailed” and layered together. Each is available as an eau de parfum, hair-and-body mist, or a brush-on fragrance pen. The scents are Tangerine Squeeze, Coconut Palm, Glass Rose, Vanilla Bourbon, Cloud Musk, Wood Elixir and Blackberry Tonic. The line is “clean,” meaning it’s free from parabens and phthalates. Prices start at $8.99.


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