Year after year, the Pantages Theatre hosts some of the biggest plays and musicals that come to L.A. So, needless to say if you've ever been caught in the stampede of wholesome looking families exiting the Christmas musical on a December evening, it's not the kind of place you'd expect to find the Foo Fighters rocking it like only they can.

It was a night of the unexpected, as the Foos proved that they can rock any stage and their elder fans gave a scary glimpse of what it's probably like to go to a Foos show with an audience made up of only your parents. While the concept of them playing an all-seated venue seemed odd and ill-fitting at first, the band quickly showed why this venue was just as much their home as any arena or shady dive bar. The foursome showcased the more acoustic selections of its repertoire like a great rock and roll opera.

Doubling their member count with added violins, keyboards, guitar and percussion, the Foos showed a musical vulnerability that sometimes gets overlooked underneath frontman Dave Grohl's signature screaming. Crooning evocatively with the softer songs of his band's career and acoustic versions of fan favorites – from “My Hero” and “Times Like These” to “Friend of a Friend” from the group's latest album In Your Honor – Grohl proved he is indeed one of the great frontmen of rock. Giving a small taste of his affinity for stand-up between songs, Grohl continued to show why the secret to the Foos' staying power is their likeability as people.

Closing the show with “Best of You” so Grohl could let his wild vocals get loud and rough for at least one song, the band was received by a venue full of awkwardly dancing (and mildly intoxicated) 30-somethings who in turn were met by the cold realization of younger audience members that that would likely be them in 15 years.

Regardless of their setting or the set list they choose, the Foo Fighters have proved themselves to be masters of charming any audience in front of them, showing why they've lasted so long and why they'll still be around for years to come