L.A. has had a well-documented love affair with all things Dilla for quite some time now. So it’s no surprise when a Slum Village show is announced without the group having an album to promote that a full crowd comes out on a Sunday night. Droppin’ golden-era joints by Biggie, Public Enemy and Bahamadia, the house DJ had the audience feeling nostalgic and ready for SV to hit the stage. But it was nothing short of a disappointment when the opening act, Pacific Division made their way on, eight men deep. A piece of friendly advice to all opening acts: Pick your top four tracks (if you have that many) to perform and keep it moving. No one is there to see you. Don’t bring stupid props on stage with you (fruit loops, plastic baseball bats), and keep the stage clear of people who serve no purpose other than to give the impression that you have a crew. No one cares. Finally around midnight Slum came out. The crew started its set with a quick medley that included “Conant Gardens” and “Fall In Love.” And despite the fact that T3 was losing his voice from the start, Slum had its diehard fans rapping along word for word. For anyone that has been following the career of Slum Village from the beginning, Fantastic Volume 1 and 2 will forever be the defining albums. As the members dropped classic cut after classic cut – “Look of Love,” “Players,” “Get Dis Money,” “Climax” – the crowd made it clear that’s what they came out for. “We’ll get back to the classics in a minute, but we’re gonna give you some new stuff too,” T3 had to assure the audience … a sentiment that has plagued their career ever since Dilla left the group. But it was a good night, so all post-Dilla Dawg material was well received. No show would be complete without a surprise or two, and this evening’s was Jay Dee’s look-alike kid brother Jon joining them on stage to perform “Raise It Up.” Detroit was definitely in the building and reppin’ to the fullest. Fans got what they paid for, and a good night was had by all. Shout out to the guy with the Mums shirt on who danced the entire night away!