The party goes global at Lunaria with Kiki Kalor’s International Cabaret, a dazzling tour and song journey through lands such as Italy, Spain and Russia. Since a trip around the world cannot be complete without the food, a three-course prix fix dinner accompanies your $30 ticket. From a sophisticated menu that changes daily, feast on delicacies like duck foie gras, a spicy cold tomato puree (made without crème for the diet conscious) and entrees of generous portions.

Each dish looked like it should have been displayed as art rather than eaten to avoid disturbing the perfectly arranged proteins and starches. Unfortunately, my chicken marsala was noticeably lacking in the marsala sauce and the plate was excessively hot, resulting in the sauce being burned right onto the plate’s surface.

But that’s where the food complaints end. Every other dish ordered, including the vegetarian Assiette Jardinière "Provencale," was very flavorful. Chef Bernard made sure not to exclude the non-meat-eating crowd with this entree consisting of an array of carrots, spinach and asparagus in a balsamic syrup.

There were several delectable choices for dessert, including a Tahitian vanilla creme brulee, a minestrone-style fruit salad with a trio of delicious sorbets, and a hot chocolate souffle tart with blueberry sauce and chantilly cream. The latter was just begging to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee, to which I happily obliged.

The cabaret-style dinner show hosted by Kiki Kalor is an interactive event where you can play the tambourine, maracas or blow on the streamers that are provided at your table. It’s hard to decide whether you want to play along while Ms. Kalor belts out classic tunes like the French "La Vie En Rose" and Russia’s "Zeleni Moreh Taigi" or simply sit back and enjoy your dinner. In my opinion, it is well worth taking several moments to enjoy Ms. Kalor’s well-choreographed, warm-hearted renditions of songs.

Ms. Kalor performed Carmen and the Matador in Spain, for which she grabbed an eager male from the audience to join her in the festivities. At one of her shows, an apple martini helped me to get up on stage with the infectious performer. How can you not? Her effervescent flair is extremely contagious. I laughed with glee as Ms. Kalor wrapped me in a pink boa and led me in a dance full of Rockette moves.

Interestingly enough, Ms. Kalor’s background is actually in the corporate world. Her friends did a little reverse psychology on her, daring her to sing in front of the Third Street Promenade world – a dare which proved to be very profitable. Ms. Kalor now does private parties in addition to her guest appearances at Lunaria.

After the cabaret show, Ms. Kalor held a raffle where diners were treated to very thoughtful gifts like perfume, feather boas and gift certificates to high-end stores. She also made time to speak with each and every diner, a gesture which proved her desire to make sure everyone was having a great time and was happy with the performance and meal. With more exposure, Kiki Kalor will surely be a regular act at the jazz-supper club and a great asset to Lunaria.

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