Just outside the Hollywood’s Ivar night club, Hot Sauce Records sponsored the third annual Give into the Groove making it possible for people to look fabulous while also helping out a charitable organization, the American Red Cross and its Emergency Disaster Relief Program. So while the beautiful people swung their faux blonde tresses, gave dual-cheeked air-kisses and talked endlessly on their cell phones, it was all for a worthwhile cause.

Smartly dressed and beautifully coiffed, Freda Kunin hosted a fashion show featuring designers carried on her online shopping Web site, FredaLA.com. "Decadent Indulgences, Reasonable Prices," touts the fashionista’s site.

The runway included lots of eclectic flavor, from the basic black swing dress, which is socially exceptional at any fête, to the more adventurous army fatigue dress with a low back and plunging neckline. For those wanting to go a little more daring, there was an ankle length, lime green dress with a revealing thigh-high slit.

Offering elegance with a casual slant, Freda’s line covers chic – a black cocktail dress with a red flower pinned at the hip – to comfortable, a knee-length skirt and T-shirt with the word SPANK emblazoned across the front, or an off-the-shoulder, Indian-style poncho paired with a favorite pair of jeans.

Summer may be eons away, but it was certainly heating up at the Ivar when the latest in disposable swimwear made its debut. The ever-popular fatigue motif appeared in a one-piece suit, which included a dangerously low back. Also shown was a skintight blue, back-less suit.

But let’s not forget the accessories. You may be able to put together that perfect outfit for a night out or a day at work, but what about the accessory that makes it say, "You can’t keep your eyes off me!" That’s where Kathy and Michelle Melamed come in. These sisters and co-founders of Melamed International specialize in designing accessories. Their fabulous collection, which includes belts and jewelry in a range of prices, is available at FredaLA.com.

Melamed’s biggest seller is the studded biker belt ($180 to $230). Some of the celebrities who wear Melamed’s accessories include singer Ashlee Simpson, actress Lindsay Lohan, celebutantes Paris and Nicky Hilton and rap artist Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas.

The sisters have been in the fashion game for a long time and have seen its many sides. "There’s a lot of back-stabbing and people trying to basically take your ideas," says Michelle." It’s been a big struggle every step of the way because it’s an industry where no matter how hard you’re running, there’s always somebody behind you catching up."

But their experience isn’t always this biting. The sisters confess to feeling an innate joy when they see someone wearing one of their designs. "This might be a little sentimental, but we put a lot of our love and a lot of our selves on the line. [The people who wear our designs] kind of notice; they feel the love. They feel that somebody put their heart and soul into it," Michelle says.

Designer tips: According to Kathy and Michelle, whether you like it or not, the ’80s are back in. The biggest thing for accessories is anything metallic, which means gold bracelets and silver shoes. Freda also suggests stocking up on gold because the look is becoming the newest trend. Her lastest tip? Don’t be afraid to mix couture with simplicity.

For information on FredaLA and Melamed International fashions and accessories, visit www.FredaLA.com.