Pink Mochi, L.A.'s answer to Blonde Redhead, delivered a real treat to a captive crowd. This artful band of four mixed experimental melodies and east-meets-west chic to create one of the most original sounds and engaging stage shows in town.

Lead singer, Ai, strutted her sexy stuff while belting out songs with titles like, “Rusty Pogo Stick” and “Syntax.” Keyboardist Lisa brought plenty of flavor as well, backing Ai with her own brand of stylized cool and synth-pop instrumentation. Michael (guitarist) and Tim (percussionist) added the perfect touch of proficiency and edginess to the onstage vibe.

Old fans that turned up lent support via hearty catcalls and plenty of dancing. New fans quickly became converts, offering up a cavalcade of applause and compliments.

Pink Mochi's set was an unexpected sigh of relief, considering the influx of trite “alternative” bands and death metal throwbacks invading the city. The marriage of the group's impressive roster of songs and Ai's friendly banter with audience members also proved a great relief from the bitchy pushing and shoving I endured on the congested Cinespace dance floor.

High point: the group's song “Saban Deka,” with its playful melody and dangerously dirty grooves was hot, hot, hot. Low point: a couple of side-ponytail-clad OC twins in tacky '80s blouses and matching khaki capri pants rushing the stage and dancing (poorly) on the band's amps.

Although Lisa seemed amused by the girls' presence, we, in the audience were not. One guy standing next to me actually simulated a rifle and pretended to take each of the dancers out with all the precision of a hunter. Kudos to the top-notch security for shooing those babies back to Anaheim.

Unsanctioned backup dancers notwithstanding, this show was tons of fun and left me wanting seconds. I thoroughly enjoyed the set, with all of its moody elegance, fashion-forwardness and classy, but urban, attitude.

The Los Angeles music scene could definitely use more bands like this one. Pink Mochi is the best new craving for the most discerning musical appetites.