Indie girl crooner types have never really been my thing. Maybe it's jealousy, or maybe it's being too closely tied to their endless appeals for real fairy tale like love, but something seems unjust about select girls getting a captive audience to listen to their toils. Jenny Owen Youngs, however, brings a refreshingly unrefined, simplistic attitude to this genre, infiltrated with women trying too hard to pioneer their own distinct label.

In an understated black button up and simple jeans, it's truly Youngs' persona shining through as she chats casually and frankly with the audience between songs, introducing numbers riddled with cuss words and lyrics like “Everything I Touch Turns to Shit.”

Her immense enjoyment of her craft radiates through her natural stage presence and lighthearted manner, in which she energetically discusses lost loves and lowered expectations. Even without streaked pink hair or heavily blackened eyelids Youngs manages to break barriers and keep the audience on their toes.

Famous for her cover of Nelly's “Its Getting Hot in Here,” her sensually-infused vocals make this ridiculously humorous song almost legitimate as you think, “man, it really is about time I take off all my clothes.”