It’s been a long time coming for Los Angeles and the whimsical, violin-wielding troubadour, Patrick Wolf, to be reunited. The singer hasn’t played the city of Angles since his first album, Lyncanthropy, was released in 2003.

Now on tour in support of his glittered-up folk pop album, The Magic Position, Wolf and his band descended upon our fair town once again. The petite singer hit his stride as he began stalking the stage, then switching to his violin and keyboard duties and writhing on the ground, which only added to the drama of his subtly dark lyrics.

Then, as if Wolf had just emerged from puberty in those few songs, the crowd was delighted with material from The Magic Position, which sounds like the soundtrack of him letting go of his dark past and sewing his wilder oats. In crowd favorite “Blackbird,” Wolf broke into his very own rendition of JT’s “Sexyback.”

The night ended a beautiful and surprising cover of “Moon River,” which Wolf sang in heart-breaking a cappella. Wolf effortlessly weaves ballads with dancefloor stomps with each song striking his listeners at their emotional core. We can’t wait to have him back.