The post-Palace Avalon was a-rockin’. Pure pop perfection. That energy should be bottled and labeled Mika – a nice, cursive slant across an opaque turquoise bottle.

It was a heart-warming crowd: troops of adult gay men in happy regression to let their inner child out at the altar of the millennium’s first worthy teenie-bopper prince, and chaperoning mothers bringing their pre-pubescent daughter – and her friends – to squeal their little larynxes out. “MEE-KAHH!”

Then Mika came out. Irresistibly cute. Great hair. Disco moves. British accent. And, my god can he sing!

My arms uncrossed, my hips began to sway and by the end I was pounding air-fists with the best of them.

Performing every song off his debut album, Life in Cartoon Motion, Mika also performed covers of the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” and the Eurythmics’ classic gay anthem “Sweet Dreams.” We’ve heard all the comparisons before: Freddie Mercury, Prince, Beck, George Michael, Elton John. And they were all visible Friday night.

His multi-octave voice (including an impressive live falsetto), songwriting chops and piano theatrics are reminiscent of former heavyweight talents, but they’re also undeniably his own.

From the sweet, still sadness of “Any Other World” and the melodic arrangements of “My Interpretation” to the McCartney-esque “Billy Brown” and the high-voltage, disco-fever pop of songs like “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful),” “Lollipop” and “Grace Kelly,” Mika satisfies.