All that was missing was Gloria Steinem and that "alternative girl" in my college Intro to English class. Yes, it was a night for women empowerment of the entire feminist spectrum as The Dresden Dolls took the stage at the El Rey with opening guest The Ditty Bops.

Both darlings of the KCRW crowd, The Ditty Bops opened with their most popular tunes which, while all sounding similar on their album, take on an air of distinction live.

This vaudevillian inspired group, composed of two young lasses with guitars and mandolins, was the aural equivalent to eating a Good Humor bar on a hot summer day while watching the movie Amelie – they spread similarly fluffy cheer, especially with their iTunes crowd-favorite "Walk or Ride."

In contrast, The Dresden Dolls, most well known for their homage to bridge-burning breakups in "Good Day," invigorated the crowd with music aurally antithetical to the feel good pop of The Ditty Bops but with similar, girl-friendly anthems – even though one of the dolls is a Ken.

Also unlike The Bops, The Dolls dressed up like mimes and had gorillas, fairies and clowns wandering the audience and did a cover of Britney Spears’s "Hit Me Baby One More Time." Call it a "Lillith Fair meets The Aquabats" night.