Deftones rocked the Gibson Amphitheater to the smell of alcohol and weed. Cups of beers were tossed in the air, T-shirts landed on stage, hardcore fans relentlessly tossed their heads back and forth – and this was just in the mosh pit.

To the chants of “I love you, Chino,” the group performed its songs with so much bass in its guitars you couldn’t help but dance for two straight hours. The thumps and beats hit your chest so hard, your mind could not distinguish between your heartbeat and Abe Cunningham’s drums.

As the lights dimmed between songs, fans stood with camera phones ready, hoping to snap a picture when the Deftones returned in a flurry of flashes.

The band did not disappoint. Making its debut in 1995, the progressive, experimental group is currently touring in support of its fifth CD, Saturday Night Wrist.

Left behind were the squabbles and internal differences that gripped the band over the past few years (which included Chino Moreno’s abrupt departure to tour with his side band, Team Sleep). Instead, all that filled the Gibson were 6,000 screaming, head-banging fans reveling in the luster that was Deftones.

Lighters held high in the air, not a soul sitting in their seat; it was two hours of ultimate bliss for fan and group alike. Deftones mustered enough energy to put its disagreements, personal dilemmas and commitment issues aside to stand as one and blow the roof off the venue.