Ironically, the usual Hollywood hipsters too aloof to handclap and dance were seen happily doing so, courtesy of the welcoming and mellifluous sounds of rock band Oh No! Oh My!

Making my way through a sea of skinny jeans and babydoll tunics I see the boys finally take the stage. It’s hard to believe these Texans are just around 19 years old; their presence manifests of rock veterans, not to mention band members Greg Barkley and Tim Regan sport full-grown beards.

Not being talkers, they plunge into the music, which includes songs from Oh! No! Oh My! sprinkled with new ones from the EP Between the Devil and the Sea, due out Aug. 7. The playful “Party Punch” ignites a sea of handclapping, but the best performance was the idiosyncratic “I Love You All the Time;” flawlessly shifting from New Wave sounds to acoustic guitar made for a ethereal atmosphere I never wanted to end.

One thing you’ll notice at an Oh! No! Oh My! show is the band’s enthusiasm for music, seen through ADD-like bouts of movement and interchanging of instruments. There’s a reason why the band lists “hand claps” and “dancing” duties on their MySpace page – there’s plenty of it, with the latter being done by infectiously energetic Regan, who unabashedly rocks out behind the keys.

Oh No! Oh My! even got the hipsters to shimmy, and that’s when you know a band rocks.