Part country. Part sunshine pop. All polished harmonies – well, mostly polished. Our generation’s answer to the Mamas and the Papas – without the drama – might very well be the London-based Magic Numbers.

Made up of two brother-sister pairs – Romeo (lead vocals and guitar) and Michele (vocals and bass) Stodart, and Sean (drums) and Angela (vocals, melodica, tambourine, keyboard, etc.) Gannon – the Magic Numbers have successfully made the leap from Brit fanbase to screaming American groupies.

Opening with the ironic “This Is a Song,” the band oozed charm through such contemporary gems as “Take a Chance” and “Long Legs.” Romeo engaged the audience from song to song; Angela impressed with her gorgeous solo vocals on “Undecided.”

But the real show-stealer was Michele, who inspired goose bumps with her resemblance to the late Janis Joplin. Her solo performance of “Take Me or Leave Me,” which she composed on her own, evoked Joplin, the raw and mourning wails of a woman tossed around, ripened only to be rejected.

And then Angela hit a few bars on the xylophone, Sean tapped the drum cymbal and Romeo took us off on an energetic, joyful romp back through Popland. Two years most certainly is a magic number if such an indelible mark has already been made on music.