The tongue-in-cheek-dubbed “Don’t Look Back” tour featuring grunge icons Mudhoney and metal virtuosos the Melvins saw both bands performing their best works in their entirety.

The Melvins performed the 1993 opus Houdini. The band had an atypical lineup for the evening: Instead of two guitarists, as a typical Melvins’ show would include, they had two drummers, which proved to be a success.

The deep, resonating sound of Coady Willis’ and Dale Crover’s synchronized drumming had the audience going crazy. “Sky Pup” (which Kurt Cobain produced and played guitar on) had all the grunge aficionados swearing grunge never died. By the end of “Spread Eagle Beagle,” the last song in the set, even the upstairs crowd had the security guards nervous.

Next up was Mudhoney playing their best-known work, 1990’s Superfuzz Bigmuff Plus Early Singles. With crowd favorites “Touch Me I’m Sick,” “In ’N’ Out of Grace” and covers of Sonic Youth’s “Halloween” and the Dicks’ “Hate the Police,” the pit didn’t stop moshing.

Only the stroke of midnight was able to stop the madness. Alas, the mighty gods of curfew brought a close to a night full of nostalgia.