Dear Lucia,

Your Anatomy of a Bad Date article was quite interesting, but not surprising. What did you expect from guys you meet online?

These guys are losers! For that matter, anyone who is a chat room dater, has a MySpace page or belongs to an online dating service is, in my opinion, a loser.

Now, I, like you, don’t want to be too quick to judge, so let me say that not ALL cyber-people are losers. But let me tell you why I believe this.

I recently heard a radio show about “MySpace losers,” the gist of it being how these people are intensely lonely, have no communication skills whatsoever, etc.

So for kicks, I decided to check out MySpace, to see if any ex-girlfriends or girls I have dated have pages. Lo and behold, one girl who was quite the disappointment had a page.

When we dated, this girl had no idea what romance was; was kind of irked that I had “dared” to hold her hand, tell her she was pretty and many other strange characteristics that none of my previous girlfriends or dates had ever shown me. Now it all makes sense.

She apparently has 150 MySpace friends all over the country. I have 150 friends in LOS ANGELES ALONE! REAL FRIENDS, NOT “FRIENDS” I’VE NEVER EVEN MET!

Clearly, people like her need to get out more. Whatever happened to actually going out and meeting people?

Some of the lamest, laziest people I have ever known were people who spend four or five hours every night in chat rooms and whose partners they met online. So I’m a bit biased when I hear about online relationships.

If you want to meet a quality guy, stay off the computer or you’re doomed to be stuck with individuals who have to hide behind the safety of their keyboard. Then, if they have the guts, they speak to you on the phone for a couple of weeks, and then, if they have a backbone, finally ask to meet you (if you haven’t asked them first).

Put these people in a singles bar and they will crumble. They won’t know WHAT the hell to do. Put ME in there, I will get at least four numbers. Actually, I only need one, but I will leave with somebody!

Not everyone with MySpace pages can be classified as losers. Bands, actors, comedians, models and businesses all need the exposure.

But remember, guys who need to go online to meet women probably don’t have the gentleman skills necessary to meet women in person. To all those couples who met online and are happily married, I say, “God bless your love and more power to ya.” —THE LAST OF THE FAMOUS INTERNATIONAL GENTLEMEN

Dear Last…,

I can only partially agree with you. There are currently over 200 million people on MySpace.

Are you saying that unless they’re on there for networking, they are all losers? I’m on Myspace, and I know I’m not a loser. In fact, a national TV network recently contacted me on the site, and I just taped a show for them!

A lot of my friends are also on MySpace, and they’re not losers either – one of them is dating someone worth hundreds of millions of dollars. I doubt their partner would have been interested in them if they were a “loser.”

People that are dating online are not always there because they have no other alternatives. Often, they are busy professionals who just don’t have the time to go out looking for someone. It’s more a matter of time management.

Having said that, I agree that often people that are in chat rooms for hours at a time probably don’t have a lot going on. I would be suspicious of someone who had that much time to chat with strangers. People who have a life sometimes barely have time to answer their e-mail, so I do agree with you about “chat room daters.”

Online communities are similar to offline communities – there’s a mix of winners and losers. You have to go on a case-by-case basis, instead of painting with such a broad brush.

Remember: Love inspires, empowers, uplifts and enlightens.

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