Move over White Stripes, there’s a new boy-girl duo taking the blogosphere by storm. Brooklyn-based, boyfriend-girlfriend twosome Matt and Kim have created a new super-pop genre that sounds happier than the ultimate amalgamation of all the brightest and exuberant Disney characters rolled into a giant cotton candy ball.

While Matt and Kim’s irresistibly catchy self-titled debut is the epitome of bubblegum, electro pop-punk, their live show is a must-experience dance party, a campy sing-along, a safe-to-do mosh pit and an all-around love fest. Immediately after hitting the first note, the energy from Matt Johnson’s keyboards meshes perfectly with Kim Schifino’s almost-erratic drumming, and instantaneously the crowd begins to move uncontrollably: arms flailing, legs kicking, fists pumping and crowd surfing galore.

The band-crowd interaction is so alive during a Matt and Kim show that fans feel as though they’re part of the band, joining the duo for onstage dance shuffles and singing aloud to the anthem-like choruses of “Yea Yeah,” the band’s leading single, and “It’s a Fact.”

It’s hard not to fall in love with the cutesie-pie onstage affection that Matt and Kim share in public, as Matt dedicates “5K” to Kim’s caboose. Though the rougher “Grand” creates a dance frenzy on the floor, an intimate switch to the slower “Lightspeed” perfectly sets the tone for the end of the night.

Much like their music, a Matt and Kim show is uncontrollably fun and guaranteed to put a smile on any face.