Sia is loved. Sia is lovely. Sia is god of the smiley-faced elves.

Or at least that was my first thought at the El Rey when seven musicians wearing bright neon smiley faces came alive on a stage decorated like a kindergarten school play about rainbow land and the happy people.

If you didn’t already know, Sia is your friend. That’s what a group of devoted fans convinced me of throughout the show.

“I saw her at Amoeba, Hotel Café and now here,” one said. “I want to kidnap her.” As I watched her do the Frankenstein dance on stage, I knew that Sia was someone you’d like to just hang out with.

“She played at my friend’s house,” another fan told me. “How she is on stage is how she really is.”

The Australian-born artist has come a long way from being a backup singer for Jamiroquai in the ’90s. If you’re more HBO than MTV, you might recognize her song “Breathe Me” from the series finale of “Six Feet Under.”

Being at a Sia concert is like spending quality time with your talented, goofball friend … and thousands of other people.

“They say it’s good to do a bit of chit-chat between songs,” she said to us. “Are you guys all right? Is there anything I can get you?”

She then gave her beer to someone in the front row.

To feel Sia’s infectious enthusiasm go to her website at, where you can choose from nine different outfits for her to dance in while you listen to her music. Then you’ll know what I mean when I say the best thing about Sia is that she’s irresistibly Sia.