Judging from the sold-out crowd at the Orpheum, Tegan and Sara enjoy a huge following among teenage lesbians. Which is not a bad thing, of course. But it’s a bit distracting when the two girls seated in front of you spend the entire duration of the show groping, making out and all but getting busy on the floor.

But enough about the crowd. Touring in support of their latest, The Con, Tegan and Sara put on a solid performance worthy of their rabid, if overly hormonal, fans.

In between bursts of their folk-tinged rock, the Quin sisters poked fun at each other and at their own chaotic lives. Introducing “Relief Next to Me” from the new album, Sara admitted, “I wrote it because I suck at relationships.”

Known for their melodic acoustics and stab-in-the-heart lyrics, the duo don’t disappoint with these new songs. Indeed, Tegan and Sara shine on their quieter numbers when the sophisticated songwriting comes through. But backed by a full band during their live show, the sisters were sometimes drowned out by too-loud drums.

For the most part, though, Tegan and Sara impressed with their infectious pop sound – even if you had to hear them through loud lip smacking.