The anticipation of the crowd was building. Everyone wanted to hear those drums again. They wanted to feel a little bit of Pantera and pay their respects to Dimebag.

The curtains opened, and there was Dime’s brother, Vinnie Paul Abbott, on his drums, hands in the air and bass pedals kicking. The sound ripped through the club, and a roar filled the room.

The rest of the band took the stage and flew into the first song of the night. Chad Grey, the frontman of Mudvayne, took the mic to lead the band with one of the lamest band names of all time.

The performance was lackluster. The only highlight was in seeing a man who’d watched his own brother get killed right before his eyes try and play music once more.

For that reason and that reason alone, I support this effort, but if you’re looking for a Pantera replacement, or something comparable to Down … keep looking.