I might be understating their appeal by saying that Ami and Yumi of the Japanese duo Puffy AmiYumi are the queens of cute, but it’s a hard classification to resist when you’re in the midst of being enchanted by their multimedia empire, which includes their own rock band, cartoon, videogame, shoes, clothes, toys and other (surely) highly desirable products manufactured in Japan.

“So how is it, everybody?” they asked the adoring fans who had gathered faithfully at the Key Club. After a few songs both Yumi and Ami pulled out small notepads and read from them with their heavy Japanese accents.

“I hope you are ready for lots of fun tonight. We love L.A.!” They then spelled out L.A. with their arms in a gesture that almost raised the cute factor above the maximum Sunset Strip allowance.

Though the amount of aging single white guys at the concert was a bit disturbing, I had to admit that Puffy AmiYumi’s show wasn’t just for teenage Japanese manga fans. Their style really was a musical blend of power-pop, rock and punk. They even did a respectable cover of Green Day’s hit song “Basket Case” before the night was over.

Relatively unknown by the American public, Puffy AmiYumi has led a power-pop revolution in Japan for over a decade now. You could sense from the crowd’s intense Beatlemania-esque enthusiasm for the two that the Key Club was probably a small venue compared to their superstar events back home.

If you’re unfamiliar with the talented duo’s work, it’s definitely worth your time to check out their numerous videos on the Web. From “Kuchibiru Motion” to my favorite song, “Tokyo I’m On My Way,” the music of Puffy AmiYumi cannot help but put a smile on your face.