New York has come back to Los Angeles.

With only one original member still leading the band, the New York Dolls proved that the music is just as much in the fans as it is in the band. A crowd packed with people from 18 to 70 were all there for the same reason.

The New York Dolls not only jump-started the punk scene, but is also responsible for … get ready … glam rock. The singer, David Johansen is also the cabbie from the ’80s movie Scrooged with Bill Murray and goes by another name: Buster Poindexter – who sang “Hot Hot Hot.”

Instead of being sad that he’s the only original member of the band still standing, he has infused the group with some amazing musicians, including his younger brother on guitar. They played all the hits and even a few covers.

Thank you New York Dolls for one amazing evening.