Rock en español, better known in mainstream America as Spanish/Latin rock, has today taken a spiraling nosedive when compared to the legendary Latin rock bands of the ’90s, including Tijuana No, La Maldita Vecindad and Café Tacuba. Enter Kinky to save the day, a genre-bending quintet straight out of Monterrey, Mexico, whose live show has garnered as much attention as their electronica-clashing, funk-rocking, body-moving, Latin-influenced take on bland rock.

What was supposed to be an average rock show quickly turned into one massive dance party without dismay. Banking off the widespread critical acclaim for Reina, the band’s 2006 release, Kinky set off into a nonstop dance craze, pulling heavily from their limited back catalogue, including “Más,” “Soun Tha Mi Primer Amor” and “Ejercicio No. 16,” all off their 2002 self-titled debut.

There’s no doubt that Kinky lives up to the hype behind the band’s live show, giving hope that such contemporary Latin rock bands will some day resurrect the glorious days of ’90s rock en español.