Ana Egge is a folk singer that has recently put out an album called Lazy Days. She covers 10 fairly known songs relating to leisure and relaxation.

The covers include songs by such notable acts as the Kinks, Belle & Sebastian and the Zombies. Fresh from spring break, I was curious to hear some songs that spoke to my acute sense of laziness.

When Egge took the stage, she took a simple approach to the live sound. Drummer Michael Jerome accompanied Egge on her guitar.

Jerome used a microphoned box that he was sitting on for rhythm. Along with brush drumsticks and percussion shakers fastened to his feet, a low-key mellow beat was set.

Egge managed to convey the sentiments of her album in her live show. Songs were sporadically sprinkled with anecdotes of growing up in rural North Dakota. Egge manages to be both delicate and powerful in her performance.