If you fondly remember epic rock acts from the ’80s like Big Country, Men at Work and the Cars, then Jupiter One is for you.

They may be a couple decades late, but nonetheless this New York ensemble treated patrons of the Hotel Café to new wave revamped and well executed.

Still, I miss the days when new wave meant guys in makeup and wacky hair, not mechanics jumpsuits or tight hipster jeans and polo shirts. Perhaps this is innovation: I’m willing to admit the ’80s had great music and some laughable fashion.

Jupiter One’s set was carried start to finish by a relentless wave of excellent material that delighted the crowd. This band was energetic as they come, even when confined to the miniscule Hotel Café stage.

The level of musicianship within this group was instantly made apparent as members trade guitars for violins, keyboards for flutes. Yet amidst the instrument swapping confusion, they expertly managed to keep their sound tight and keep the crowd steadily engaged.

Set highlights included the rhythmic “Countdown,” the synth-heavy “Wrong Line” and “Turn Up the Radio” with its delicate underscore of violin and uber-catchy chorus. Their set came to a climax with an atmospheric new number and “Fire Away,” which fired up the audience.